A Strategic Work Session to Shut the Revolving Door by Creating a Real Team

Stop Losing Key People!     Stop Losing Money!

It's not about the money anymore. It's about belonging. The key to any successful organization is that everybody is part of a true team working toward an overarching goal. Everybody wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. That's why the team aspect is so vital. And there was no better team than the original Dallas Cowboys, where I spent many years as a contract employee in the front office. I learned how things were done, and I can pass their incredible "team" secrets on to you and your organization.

1) You Don't Fix Turnover by Fixing Turnover!


Turnover is the end point. Once somebody has decided to leave for greener pastures, nothing you can do will change their mind.

You have to beat it at the beginning, in the hiring phase. And the hiring procedure put in place by Hall of Fame general manager Tex Schramm wasn't just for football, it was for everything... the New York Philharmonic, General Motors... it didn't matter. The Three Rules of Staffing work anywhere.

And the truly Zen thing about turnover is that once you turn it all around, you'll become that boss that everybody wants to work for. You just gotta do it!

"I just heard Mark speak, and what a great vision he has and great insight into how a world-class business works. If you want to learn something about it, have him come speak for you."

Bob Kehr

Kehr Technologies

Dallas, Texas

2) The field is for the players and coaches. We'll learn from the front office.


1) Turnover -  Turnover is the symptom. Lack of true team atmosphere is the disease. The Pro Football Way will set you on the road to a championship feeling.

2) "But we always do things this way!" -  Corporate inertia. If you hear this, run away. Or at least, call me for a consult. This is the cry of mediocrity which keeps many organizations in the middle of the pack. It's a cliché, but if you want to make an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs.

3) Employee Unhappiness - Give everybody the sense that they are all fighting toward the same, overarching goal, and you'll have a team. Everybody wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Being part of a team is what gives employees that feeling. Don't sell this one short. Team is everything.

THE PRO FOOTBALL WAY is your game plan to getting your team back on track.

"It was just incredible the way you compared business to the NFL in the early days. Nothing has changed. People want to be treated like people."

Jayne Boucherle

Matterhorn Consulting

Canfield, Ohio

3) Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

Put Pro Football's Secrets to Work for Your Company:


Turnover. Employee dissatisfaction. Lack of motivation. All sorts of things weaken team atmosphere. And that's where The Pro Football Way comes in. The success of one of football's greatest teams on the field came about because of the greatest front office off the field -- the original Dallas Cowboys, run by Hall of Fame general manager Tex Schramm.

I learned a lot from Tex about his way of doing things, from his three rules for staffing any organization to his one, great truth about the way you treat your employees.   This team knew how to function.... how to win! Employees stayed for decades. I was there for a long time, and I saw it work. Just as it can work for your organization. We CAN turn things around. 

"Mark Oristano’s speech today was just outstanding. He taught us how to better our business."

Brownie Sherrill

Rowlett, Texas City Council

4) Nobody does their best work in a climate of fear!

"Our integrators had the pleasure of having Mark Oristano teach a course at our organization's annual conference for security and AV integrators.  Mark did an outstanding job engaging the audience through real life examples.  He gave attendees gems of useful information they could apply to their businesses he obtained during his years broadcasting in the NFL."

Julie Rolles

Training Manager - PSA Security

5) The beginning of all wisdom is uttering the phrase, "I don't know."


Get your executives and managers on the same page toward creating a winning team the Pro Football Way. With specific takeaways for management to move forward, which we'll track together down the road.

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The Pep Talk

A closed-door, off-the-record meeting with your employees, in which I'll find out what's really going on and how they view the organization.

The Huddle

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Ideas and philosophies of management from one of sports all-time greatest front offices.


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