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I'm as consumed by  turnover as  you are. And my area of expertise being pro football, I decided I could bring my 15 years of front office experience with the original Dallas Cowboys to the problem.

Isn't  turnover gnawing at  you constantly? Do you lose sleep trying to figure out how to keep your best people and have everybody function as a team?

I spent 30 years covering the NFL, calling games for both the Cowboys and Oilers, and I made it my business to learn the business.

These are the areas where the management techniques I learned in pro football can come to your rescue. It's a theory you haven't seen before, because most speakers who come from the world of sport bring you ideas from the perspective of the athlete or coach. But I maintain that we can't learn from the field, we can only learn from the front office.

When you bring me in to have a conversation with your executives, managers and others, the time-tested methods of Hall of Fame general manager Tex Schramm will become the building blocks of your new team. And once you realize that you can't fix  turnover by fixing turnover you'll be on the right road.

It's not an expense, it's an investment in you, your company and, most important, your people!

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